Everyone has their weird habits and Kourtney Kardashian’s involves a chocolate bar!

The 36-year-old reality TV star posted a video on her website of a six step process, which she swears by!

“I’m gonna show you guys something that Kim taught me,” she said. “How to eat a Kit Kat. Its pretty life changing.”

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So here it is:

Step 1: “First you break off the piece, like one piece.”

Step 2: “And then you eat the chocolate on the end — and the other end.”

Step 3: “Then you eat the chocolate down each side.”

Step 4: “You pull the top layer off, and you eat that.”

Step 5: “Then you separate it again and eat the bottom piece.”

Step 6: Now what? “You eat the middle piece, which is so good.”

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Taaa daa! Now you have officially done something like a Kardashian!

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