Forgot pixie cuts, crop tops, and plastic underwear, Miley Cyrus‘ newest style obsession is bleached brows.


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Supermodel Miranda Kerr (who is still rocking a full, gorge set BTW) instagrammed this pic with Miles last night saying: “Shot by the master @mertalas with the gorgeous @mileycyrus.”

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The ladies were apparently enjoying a night out in LA with Brit singer Lily Allen, but we’re still not sure how we feel about Miley’s arch-free face. Well, on the upside, that means less tweezing, shaping, and overall grooming time needed, right?


We asked celeb brow expert Joey Healy to weigh in on Miley’s most recent change—here’s what he had to say:

“These days, we expect nothing less than pure shock value from Miley Cyrus as she continues to drive the wedge between her Disney days and her Wrecking Ball days, so it really came as no surprise when Miley stepped out last night with Lady Gaga-esque bleached brows that make her appear genderless and cartoon-like. With a semi-buzzed hairstyle and no brow left, her entire feminine image is based solely on her signature bold red lip, whereas just a few days ago her thick arches worked to complement her short hair and frame her face. What we see here with Miley’s “Gaga-inspired” (perhaps copied?) bleached brow is a facial imbalance that is far from flattering to her bone structure. The silver lining to this beauty mis-step—Miley just reminded us how important eyebrows really are!”

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