Unless you’ve been able to restrain yourself from setting up an Instagram or Twitter account, there is a very strong chance you’ve seen Chelsea Handler naked. There is no denying that the comedienne is comfortable in her own skin and she is definitely comfortable sharing her skin with millions of social media users, even if it means pushing Instagram’s nudity policy to its limits.  And who can really blame her? Chelsea’s certainly got the goods and despite some negative reactions to her risque photos, she ultimately bares down as an empowering statement for female nudity.

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While it may seem as though social media has been dominated by nude photographs of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Niki Minaj, Chelsea’s own social media presence has been well documented as one of outrageous, raw, naked images of herself. From recreating topless photos of world leaders to simply sharing a naked happy birthday post to her celebrity friends, Chelsea Handler has been a welcome personality within social media and has given her own spin to the myriad of sexy, naked selfies. Whether it has been in the name of comedy or activism, Chelsea has generated some of the most memorable naked photos the internet has had to offer. Check out 42 of the comedienne’s greatest naked hits.

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