OK Q&A with Patti Stanger from Million Dollar Matchmaker

Exclusive details about next season!

It seems like each day another Hollywood couple bites the dust — but Million Dollar Matchmaker star Patti Stanger still believes love can be found. In the second season of the show, Patti finds potential matches for both men and women, with celebrity clients including Bachelor in Paradise‘s Daniel MaguireBasketball Wives LA’s Laura Govan and more. The love guru chats with OK! about the show and how to spark a romance.


What’s new and different about your show in season 2?

We’re definitely getting deeper, where it’s more like Matchmaker meets Intervention. We have a lot more celebrities on this season and also a lot of crazy millionaires — which are the toughest cases. They’re the most uncontrollable people, they’re not easy.


How has the popularity of social media affected the matchmaking business?

It’s actually been a really good thing. There are so many avenues now: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter — we can see a lot more of someone’s history, like who they’ve dated, who they hang out with, what their life is like on a Saturday. It’s much more transparent now, and that makes the job easier and faster.


What’s the best way to tell if someone is interested?

You’re supposed to do the five-second flirt, which is in my book Be Your Own Matchmaker. You’re supposed to smile, hold the gaze, then look away — if he doesn’t come over, he’s not your guy.


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