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It’s time again for everyone’s favorite college basketball tournament, but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed. Between filling out the perfect bracket, deciding where to watch the games, and worrying if your favorite team will make it all the way, the excitement can sometimes be lost. But with the help of your smartphone and a dependable wireless network, you can seamlessly conquer the madness. Follow these easy tips to never miss a beat during this year’s big tournament.

  1. Host a Viewing Party: Ditch the crowds and overspending that comes along with going to a bar or restaurant to watch the games. Instead, invite your friends over to take in all the action on the court from the comfort of your home. To make it even easier, encourage your guests to bring their favorite game day dish to turn your party into a potluck – yum!


  1. Stay Tuned In: It would be ideal to catch all of the action live, but no one can watch every single game, making it essential to have a tool that can keep you connected. With NET10, you get 4G LTE† data, so you can receive live scoring updates and be the first to know if your favorite team made it to the next round. Even better, with coverage on America’s top four networks you can stream games and watch highlights on your smartphone during your commute, at the gym, while cooking dinner, or anywhere in between. With the ability to watch games no matter where you are, NET10 is there to help you never miss a moment of the madness. Switch today and bring the things you love with you including your phone, your number and your network – all while cutting costs.

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  1. Submit Multiple Brackets: Other than the games, the best part of the college basketball tournament is filling out a bracket with your predictions on who will win big and who will go home early. While the odds of completing the perfect bracket are near impossible, increase your chances of winning by submitting a variety of brackets with colleagues, friends, and family. To differentiate your selections for each bracket, you can follow a particular theme for each, such as sending your alma mater to the championship, selecting winners based on a color scheme, or even going for all the underdogs.


  1. Celebrate – Win or Lose: While the madness of the tournament can take its toll, it’s important to remember that it’s “just a game” at the end of the day. If your favorite team makes it all the way, it’s a given that celebrations are in order. On the flip side, there’s no reason to mope around until next season if your team loses. Instead, have a toast to celebrate the fact that they made it. And if your team wasn’t a part of games at all you can still celebrate those moments that make you love this time of year so much – such as the best underdog stories of the tournament or the thrilling upsets (even if it breaks your bracket).


For many of us, March is one of the best months filled with the most thrilling action on the court all year, so why not enjoy it? While your brackets may not go all the way, these few tips will you help you ease the stress during this (sports) season and beyond.


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