For many people, working out is something you have to do to ultimately look sexy. But for Kendra Wilkinson, there’s no reason you can’t look hot while you’re getting sweaty. That’s why the reality star and former Girl Next Door has created her own exercise device — a stripper pole!

The blonde beauty took her personal blog this morning to talk about why she thinks swinging a pole makes for good exercise.

"I’m an outdoors girl so it’s hard to find fun ways to exercise in my house that keep me from getting bored," she writes. "I’m like a little monkey and love to swing around on things… So that’s why i decided to create my own line of sports poles which will be coming out soon!!!!!"


Kendra, whose self-titled E! reality show debuts June 7, admits she has some experience on ye olde stripping post.

"I’ve definitely hit the pole a time or two just for fun but wanted to learn the best ways to use it to get my body in smokin shape and look hottttt while doing it," she reveals. "It’s one of those things that people think they could never do but its a LOT easier than it looks…TRUST ME!!!!"

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