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'Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Premieres: Rewatch the 1st Episode

Ready to laugh, cry and sing along? Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is the show for you. NBC’s new series aired its first episode on Tuesday, January 7, giving viewers a hint of what to expect when the musical dramedy officially debuts in February.

Jane Levy plays Zoey, a super smart and quirky coder who, after an MRI, discovers that she can hear others’ innermost thoughts via musical numbers. While it may sound fun, she just wants to focus on getting ahead at work — something that gets tremendously tougher when her longtime best friend and colleague (played by Skylar Astin) reveals he’s in love with her by breaking out into “I Think I Love You.”

Not only does no one else see or hear the musical performances, they have no idea that she knows what they’re thinking — which makes everything more complicated … or so she thinks. Zoey’s father (Peter Gallagher) and mother (Mary Steenburgen) are going through an extremely tough time as he’s sick and has lost the ability to move and speak on his own.

Jane Levy Zoey

In a beautifully emotional moment, Jane realizes her gift could be a blessing and give her family the chance to communicate with her dad again. In the first episode, the pair dance together as he sings Cyndi Lauper “True Colors.” The moment leads to an even more exciting reveal from her father — and the return of hope for her mother and brother.

“I think it has a place. It’s timely. I think it has a place in the world we’re living in right now,” Gallagher, 64, recently told Us Weekly exclusively about the series. “It suggests that everybody has a story and that that person sitting next to you — you have no idea what they’ve been through, what they’re feeling, regardless of what they look like. But in the world we’re living in right now, we’re sitting here talking about, ‘Well, if you look like that, then you’re this.’”

The O.C. alum continued: “What this show promises to do — if we don’t screw it up too badly — is show us all the things that connect us. We have these amazing hit songs that already reside in all of us, and we’re just waiting to be reminded of how much we all have in common. I think there will be such an appetite for that, and it will be funny, it will be moving, and there will be life circumstances that people will recognize.”

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist officially premieres on NBC Sunday, February 16, at 9 p.m. ET.

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