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Celebrity: James Deen

Vivid/Splash NewsVivid/Splash News
Farrah Abraham's Dad Defends Sex Tape, Says She's A 'Beautiful Wonderful Momma'
Farrah Abraham is definitely a daddy’s girl! The Teen Mom star’s father took to Facebook Sunday to blast the “sick people” who have been slamming his daughter—and has all the details. “Sorry people … I’m a thick skinned person …
Vivid Video/ET/Splash News
Farrah Abraham Claims She Made Sex Tape Because She's Lonely, Explains, 'I'm Like, Sad...
As far as excuses go, Farrah Abraham's one pretty much takes the cake! The 22-year-old Teen Mom star turned porn Queen is opening up about why she made a XXX sex tape with adult actor, James Deen, claiming …
Courtesy of Splash, Facebook
Lindsay Lohan Snapped in Bed with Porn Star James Deen
No rest for the wicked! OK! GALLERY: LINDSAY LOHAN'S FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING 'LIZ & DICK' IN LEOPARD BATHING SUIT Immediately after Lindsay Lohan wrapped Liz & Dick, she began shooting Bret Easton Ellis's erotic thriller, The …