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OK! Look of the Day: Cameron Diaz at the TAG Heuer Flagship Opening!

Is Cameron Diaz smart or what? We had in inkling, considering she’s only one of the most successful actresses in H-Wood and one of the authors behind The Body Book, a gold mine of helpful health info. But the reason we’re calling out her smartypants brains is because while in the arctic New York City weather, Cameron Diaz showed up to an event in a coat-dress—WITH TIGHTS!

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If you’re in Manhattan, going out sans of leggings, tights, insanely long leg-warmers, or pantyhose is honestly, well, a step closer to a serious frostbite condition. Cameron chose to beat the chill in a printed design out of Giambattista Valli’s Pre-Fall collection. It has voluptuous sleeves that still flatter her toned limbs—and the stiletto black booties definitely played up her legs.

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I loved the coat’s labels and the subtle sheen that the fabric gives off under the light. The elegant hairstyle was accented well with glowy, simple makeup. We call it success, Cameron.

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