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The Top 3 Reasons You Have to Shop Adam Levine's Women's Clothing Collection!


1. It’s His First Women’s Collection
Adam Levine’s first clothing venture started out as a line for men, featuring laid-back graphic tees and masculine denim that you’d expect to see on the Hollywood hunk. So when it came to brainstorming the design inspiration for his very first female collection, the Kmart design team and The Voice coach we all adore decided to recreate that same California cool vibe for all the ladies out there. “The best thing about designing a women’s collection is that I was able to create pieces that I would like to see a woman wear,” said Adam Levine when describing this line. Getting a compliment from Adam Levine would be kind of cool, right?

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2. It’s Totally Festival Appropriate
is like the NYFW of festivals. Crop tops, floral patterns, and short-shorts are wardrobe essentials, and it takes some girls weeks of steady research to curate the perfect concert ensemble. While you won’t be able to snag a floral halo out of Adam’s new collection, you can shop just about everything else. The line features formfitting tees, floral sundresses in lightweight fabrics (yep, you’re going to need one of those), a fair selection of crop tops, shorts in vibrant colors, and tons of accessories from stacks of bracelets to statement sunglasses.

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3. It Will NOT Break the Bank—What More Could You Want?
We didn’t think it was possible, but our affection for Adam Levine is even stronger than before. The most expensive item in the entire line is $29.99. Like, what?! This clearly means that you don’t have to spend your day pondering over what dress to indulge in and what crop top to place on your highly publicized wish list. You can buy both without having to later sob into a pint of chocolate ice cream over the death of next month’s rent check. The accessories line starts at $6.99, while the clothing collection starts at $12.99. Happy dance, girls. Happy dance.

You can shop the line here! 

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