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'90210' Star Jessica Lowndes Talks Music Career: "I’ve Definitely Had To Prove Myself"

Jessica Lowndes has a crazy schedule! The 90210 actress is still filming her hit show while undertaking a music career at the same time. Luckily, OK! caught her at the Duracell Holiday Insurance Program in NYC and got to catch up with her.

"I've literally been going back and forth," Jessica shared about her busy life between L.A. and NYC. "I’ve been in New York a lot. I shot my second music video here 3 weeks ago, and I’ve just been coming back and doing a bunch of music press. I’m also flying to London so it’s just a good way of splitting up that trip from L.A. It’s a way shorter flight so that’s good."

"Lucky for me, I actually enjoy red eyes, I can crawl into a ball and pass out the entire way, I wake up and I’m fine," she said laughing. "It’s good, I’m knocking on wood [so] I can pass out tonight on the London flight."


She also told OK! she's been singing since she can remember.

"For people who don’t tune into the show, they don’t know I’m a singer. I have been singing since I could speak, since like 3, playing piano since I was 5. My mom’s a piano teacher, I always had music playing in my house. It’s a very musical family. I started writing music when I was 9. I initially booked the role as a singer, and it’s really exciting for me."

"I’ve spent a year and a half working with a bunch of producers and writing music and wanting people to like, I don’t know, I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I haven’t signed a deal or anything. I’ve kind of funded this entire deal myself."


But don't worry guys! Just because she's singing doesn't mean Jessica is going to stop acting anytime soon.

"It’s hard. It’s definitely hard. I’ve definitely had to prove myself," she explained to OK!. "I’ve obviously been singing longer than acting, so it’s been challenging, but at the end of the day I love them both equally."

"I love playing someone else’s story and someone else’s character, all their words. And [with] music it’s my words and my story. It’s different, but it’s definitely fun. I love both, they’re both therapeutic for me. It’s a great release."