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Bruno Mars Lands Six Grammy Nominations

Bring on awards season! In the midst of rockin' performances by Lady Gaga and Rihanna during the Grammy Nominations Concert Live, six time nominee Bruno Mars revealed his reaction to getting the ultimate nom for album of the year, Grenade.

He told reporters, "We locked ourselves in the studio, we're especially proud of Grenade, that's the song we worked the hardest. Most proud of that one."

So, was Bruno expecting to hear his name called in the Nokia Theater in L.A.? "Um, yeah!"

He pointed out, "What do you think, I'm doing this for fun? You know what, it's hard for me because Adele is incredible, Kanye West is incredible, all these people are just so incredible and they all offer something different, but the fact that this album got recognized and is categorized with some of these acts, I guess that's the craziest part for me, because I'm a fan of all of this music. I'm just trying to enjoy these little moments like this."

If the 26 year-old could pick anyone to perform with, he selected a one-word answer. The one, the only, Prince! "If I had to pick anyone to perform with, it would be Prince! If he's listening, my number is 1-800-I-Catch-A-Grenade."

Reporting by Amanda Champagne