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Guiliana Rancic Announces Decision for Double Mastectomy

Merely eight weeks ago Guiliana Rancic announced to the world on Today that she was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. This morning, the vivacious E! News personality and her hubby Bill Rancic appeared to talk to Ann Curry about their decision to have a double mastectomy.

Guiliana explained there would be a less than one percent chance of the breast cancer returning with the mastectomy compared to "20 to 30 or even 40 percent" if she decided to not have it. Appearing stronger than her first appearance with Bill's arm around her shoulder, she did confess, "I still break down…and it's easy to still start crying."
Crediting her supportive husband with helping her getting through this, he explained, "I'm focused on the finish line and our goal is to be done with this by Christmastime and then we don't look back."
Apparently when they were making their decision, Bill took out a legal pad and created a pros/cons list! He added, "The message is there's no right or wrong answer, it's an individual decision but this was the right decision for Guiliana."
Initially Giuliana said "absolutely not" to the mastectomy but it wasn't until she spoke with a "very, very wonderful friend" who had a mastectomy in her early 20s and actually showed her what it is, G thought, "This is ok, this is ok, she looks beautiful, she's healthy, she's vibrant and she doesn't regret her decision."
As for living a very public life while dealing with a personal health issue, Guiliana remarked there are options, "Gosh, am I fortunate. I am choosing to have the mastectomy so I beg all women to get checked."
"It is very personal but at the same time it's just the way we've chosen to live our life. We see it as an honor to be able to share our story and help people and help them feel less alone. I've been given this incredible platform…all of us are in it together."