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Is Lucy Hale Engaged?! Plus More Celeb News!


Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin’, and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it’s time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It’s better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right?

Here are some things to know today:

Is Lucy Hale engaged or what? A certain Instagram snapshot, which featured a blinged out ring, got people talking. (Perez Hilton)

Did you see the adorable picture of Ciara’s son on Instagram?! (People)

Eva Longoria didn’t have to worry about an unfortunate bridesmaid ensemble. Her dress that she wore in a weekend wedding affair was unreal! (Us Weekly)

What does JLo look like without makeup on? The answer is stunning. (E!)

And the cutest thing that could have possibly happened this weekend? Prince George crawling around at a polo match in pink overalls. (PopSugar)

James Franco is directing a play, you guys! (Vulture) 

Check out this cute family moment between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen! (Babyrazzi)


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