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Ke$ha Defends Street Dogs with New PSA

Ke$ha's big album, Animal, is doing more than topping the charts. It ties into her latest endeavor of another type of animal — pooches — by lending a hand to Humane Society International to raise awareness about street dogs!

As noted by JustJared, in the public service announcement she's asking pooch lovers to donate $20 each month to HSI which will pay for humane spay and neuter surgeries and vaccinations. 
The 24 year-old recalled, "Late one night not too long ago, my friend and I were on an island in the South Pacific when we came across two abused dogs who literally had been super glued together. It was horrible."
She continued, "We managed to separate them, but with no community resources to help these dogs, no shelter to take them to, no way to take them with me, I could only watch them vanish into the streets and hope that somewhere they would find kindness"