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News From Across The Pond: Kristen Stewart accidentally insults her Eclipse lover Robert Pattinson; Twilight's Nikki Reed sparks engagement rumours; Mischa Barton is happy running her own errands in LA

* Watch Kristen Stewart basically call her Eclipse co-star Robert Pattinson a liar, oops (more)

* Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s Nikki Reed sparks engagement rumours by stepping out wearing a ring… But is she just messing with us?! (more)

* Mischa Barton doesn’t need an assistant… She’s perfectly happy doing everything by her self (more)

* Vanessa Hudgens looks like she’s feeling a bit shy (more)

* Katie Price LOVED being turned into a Barbie doll for her hen party (more)

* How does Heidi Klum STILL look like a supermodel with a baby in her arms?! (more)

* Dannii Minogue reveals she may not be returning to The X Factor after she gives birth… SOB (more)

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