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Nightly News: Tyra Banks Smiles With Her Eyes; Guy Richie Get Really Drunk

  • Do you think Tyra Banks is a bad actress? Watch and you decide.  (E! Online)
  • Guy Richie has one too many booze.  (Celebslam)
  • Glee is really creating a lot of buzz.  Check out the clips from this week’s episode.  (BuzzSugar)
  • Pete Wentz is the master of all disguises and this one is a gold mask. (Just Jared)
  • Who has sold more number one records topping Elvis Presley?….Jay-Z!  (BuzzSugar)
  • Apparently you can still owe taxes to the state after you die and we know this because Howard K. Stern just got served Anna Nicole Smith back taxes. (TMZ)