Last night at the Haywire premiere in Hollywood, director Steven Soderbergh seemed to play favorites. That is, he mentioned Channing Tatum is the best stripper in another one of his films, Magic Mike, saying he is "tough to beat."

Steven told reporters he wasn't worried about all of the male nudity in Magic Mike. "Certainly, there was enough male skin in this to make up for a century of discrepancy, but it's fun. Really fun. These guys were so… believe me… they made sure that when they showed up, they looked amazing."
Amazing indeed! "Channing is tough to beat," he pointed out. He must be in tip-top form, even tougher than hottie Matthew McConaughey? "He is the best dancer… And he has done it before. You are going to like that one!" Hmmm, Channing was a stripper in a former life?
Sounds like co-stars like Joe Mangianello were pretty competitive with each other, too. Steven told reporters, "Oh yeah. Who was eating the least… They were all competitive. It was hilarious, but they look great."
Magic Mike will open in theaters nationwide in June.
Reporting by Gena Oppenheim