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Susan Boyle's Glammed Up Photo Shoot

SuBo, we hardly knew ye! Susan Boyle, YouTube phenomenon after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, might have started out frumpy, but this singer is turning into a Scottish swan, as seen on the pages of September’s Harper’s Bazaar.

Susan has had to take some time to get used to the worldwide attention she’s receiving now.

“As a kid, I was in my own wee world when I listened to records in my bedroom,” she reveals in the magazine. “I didn’t mix with other kids much. I was frightened of people because of their reactions toward me.”

“It’s complicated,” she adds. “But the best way I could express myself was in the bedroom, singing along and imagining I was entertaining people.”

After she blew audiences away on BGT, word traveled fast about the then gray-haired phenom, something Susan is quite humble about.

“YouTube? What’s that? A tube of candy? I don’t think so!” she laughs. “That was a shock. The YouTube thing was like a demolition ball. It was just overwhelming-to find TV stations camped outside your door and the phone ringing 24 hours a day. It was good. But overwhelming. It was too big for anyone to handle.”