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Today We're Loving: Traci Anderson's Metamorphosis by Tracy!

Today we’re totally loving the newest from Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer with clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox, Molly Sims, Kristin Davis, and Zooey Deschanel! She’ll be offering her recognized fitness program Metamorphosis by Tracy to shoppers everywhere, as she’s scheduled to launch the workout plan on QVC Tuesday, June 14 at 2 AM and 1 PM (ET).

The 90-day full-body plan targets every area of the body and is customized by body type from omnicentric and glutecentric to hipcentric and abcentric. Customizing the plan helps to target individual problem areas for maximized results. Once users identify their body type, through the four-disc kit, Anderson will focus on the correct combination of muscles through efficient and strategic strength training in conjunction with a personalized rigorous cardio component.

The DVD system also includes a dynamic eating plan, tape measure and a welcome letter.
Focus of Workout Program by Body Type:
• Omnicentric – All problem areas
• Abcentric – Midsection and Waist
• Hipcentric – Lower Body
• Glutecentric – Butt

Metamorphosis by Tracy will be available through QVC beginning Tuesday, June 14. Plus, QVC shoppers will have the option to continue Metamorphosis with a bonus DVD that covers an extended 30-day workout.