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Reports Indicate Gia Allemand Was Upset Boyfriend Hadn't Proposed Yet

A source for has shed more light on the possible reasoning behind Gia Allemand’s passing Wednesday. The individual has revealed that on a recent vacation to Las Vegas, Gia and her boyfriend Ryan Anderson experienced their first blowout fight. The subject of their argument is not known, but that it did not surround Ryan cheating as outlets have reported.

News: Gia Allemand’s Long-Time Boyfriend Speaks Out On Her Heartbreaking Passing

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News: Updated Details On Gia Allemand’s Sad Passing And What Caused Her Death

“Gia and Ryan were a happy couple. It’s unfair to categorize their relationship as rocky, but in the weeks leading up to her death they did have their first major fight,” the source revealed to Radar. “And because their relationship was so solid for the most part, Gia had expressed her sadness that Ryan hadn’t proposed to her yet, telling friends she was upset over it.”

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News: Gia Allemand’s Bachelor Family Mourn Her Recent Passing

The close friend of Gia and Ryan expressed disbelief that she is gone and said, “There were literally NO red flags that Gia would take her own life.” The Radar insider continued by stating, “Even with how upset Gia was over the rift in her relationship with Ryan, friends just cannot believe she would commit suicide over it. The whole thing is just heartbreaking.”

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Stay tuned for more information and please keep Gia’s family, friends and fans in your thoughts.