The Teen Mom 2 season 5 premiere was pretty darn good last week. We can’t dispute the facts. But tonight the ball really got rolling, as we saw Chelsea start school, Jenelle meet a new guy, Leah have an important talk with Jeremy and Kailyn begin her legal battle with Jo. So read on to see what @BabsEvansMTV probably thinks about each of the girls’ scenarios on episode 502, plus a mini rundown of each…

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Chelsea and her BFF, Megan, head to their first day of aesthetician school, but not without a fight from little diva Aubree who won’t wake up. But the girls decide that they both like the program and are going to stick with it, unlike with the whole hair school thing. Oh yeah, and then Chels has a talk with Randy about how she doesn’t want Aubree to be a big sister but realizes she has to be mature about it. Good girl.

@BabsEvansMTV would say:  “I’m happy for ya that ya FINUHLLY found a CAREEAH path! Ya gunna be GREAHT! It’s just UNFORTUNATE that Adam and his new baby gotta make ya AWL stressed!”



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Kailyn and Jo go to court on this week’s episode—he wants to fight her request to move Isaac out of state, she wants to move Isaac out of state. But the trial ends up getting postponed which is good news for Jo because it buys him more time, but it’s just stressing Kail out more. She knows this process is going to be long and not at all easy. But thank goodness for the support of Javi!

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “I can’t BUHLIEVE they’re making ya wait even LONGA for ya verdict! COUHT is TERRIBLE! And I’m pretty FAMILIAH because it’s like my DAWTA’s second home!”



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Leah and Jeremy decide to take the girls on a much-needed vacation to Orlando, Florida before he goes back to work. The trip overall goes great, aside from the fact that it becomes more apparent that Ali isn’t quite at the same level developmentally as her twin sister. And then things take a weird turn when Leah and Jeremy talk about how she gets lonely when he travels for work and that she wants him to find another job that pays just as well but doesn’t take him away from his family. BTW, we found out that Jeremy makes $5k a week at this job, which is $240k a year, so…

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Ya gotta LURN to appreciate ya husband! Ya lucky to have Jeremy and he’s workin’ hard to make money for ya DAWTAS! The distance isn’t easy on him EITHA!”



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Leave it to Jenelle Evans to start dating a new guy while she’s A) Recovering from an abortion, B) Still technically married to someone else and C) Dealing with a potential felony. But none of the above stops this girl. Tonight we finally get to see Nathan on-screen for the first time and find out how Jenelle tells Barbara about him. Jenelle and Nathan enjoy their first date, but not before Jenelle has a heart-to-heart chat with Tori and explains that she goes from relationship to relationship because she never had a real father figure. #Nailedit.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Well Jenelle, I’m not happy that you already have a new BOOOOYFRIEND. Ya gotta get over ya ex-husband and ya abortion first! But I want ya to be happy, so I hope that this UNDERWEAH model is the one!”



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Stay tuned to all throughout Teen Mom 2‘s new season for tons more fun recaps, exclusive clips, interviews with the cast and more! What’d you think of tonight’s episode? What do you hope to see on the rest of the season? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave a comment on our Teen Mom Facebook page.

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