There is no doubt that "Blurred Lines" is not only the official song of summer 2013, but yeah I'll say it, song of the whole year.

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With Pharrell's A+ production, Robin Thicke's sexy vocals and T.I.'s general awesomeness, this song has all the ingredients to make it a party staple. I recently almost hurt myself from dancing to it so hard. Should I not admit that? Please, I know I'm not alone.

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In fact here's proof. Hayden Panettierre joined the gentlemen during their performance on The Graham Norton show to show off her dancing skills:

And Miley did the same when they performed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

With all these celebs so eager to jump on stage and shake it to this song, here's a handful of stars I would REALLY love to see dancing to "Blurred Lines".

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What celeb do you want to see dance to "Blurred Lines"? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @OKMagazine.

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