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Rihanna's 7 Sexiest Instagrams Ever!

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The day has finally arrived, #RihannaNavy! After months and months of waiting, the night of the Rihanna 777 FOX special is upon us and we’re getting ready for it in the only way we know how—by stalking sexy Rihanna Instagrams.

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As if we don’t already wish we were part of her notorious Instagram crew, we also admire and are religiously stalking her sexy selfies and pics on her Instagram account. Yeah, we’ll admit it. She’s gorgeous.

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Basically, what we’re trying to say is #phuckyoinstagrams and take a peek at how it’s done by Queen RiRi.  And don’t forget to tune in tonight to FOX for Rihanna 777 at 8pm ET!

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Do you follow Rihanna on Instagram? Which pic that we chose below is the sexiest? Tell us in the comments section or tweet us at @OKMagazine.

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