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Jill Martin

Organize Your Closet And Accessories With Tips From Jill Martin
If there's a time of year to go through your closet and organize what you have it's now! New York Times bestseller and Today Show contributor  Jill Martin is here to help! GET JILL MARTIN'S GREAT PACKING TIPS FOR YOUR …
Get Jill Martin's Great Packing Tips For Traveling In Style On Your Next Trip
Style Maven Jill Martin is launching a new organizational line, The Martin Project for QVC. And in this great video filled with helpful tips, The Today Show contributor and New York Times bestseller shows items from her range that …
Spring Clean Time! Organize Your Jewelry Collection With 'The Today Show's' Jill ...
Jill Martin is a style queen and is best known for giving her tips on The Today Show. OK!'S 12 WEEK COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER WEEK 2 ROUNDUP But now the fashion expert and New York Times bestseller is …