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Ross Mathews Talks About His Famous Voice
Ross Mathews opened up with in our Google+ Hangout about how his famous voice led to writing Man Up!. While his new book is full of really funny content, Ross explained how he hopes readers pick up on …
How Long Did it Take Ross Mathews' to Write His New Book 'Man Up'?
Ross Mathews' gave us the inside scoop on his new book Man Up! in our Google+ Hangout last week. He even shared what the process of writing the book was like! "Every sentence I wanted to pop and it took along …
Ross Mathews Shares His Current Favorite Pop Culture Topic
Have you ever wondered what celebs obsess over in today's pop culture? Ross Mathews revealed in our Google+ Hangout that he is all about Amanda Bynes right now! He explained how he would love to be friends with her, but is …