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The Gossip Game

'The Gossip Game' Friendships Explained: Vivian Billings Shares Her Thoughts on the Ot...
When Vivian Billings joined the entertaining cast of The Gossip Game, she viewed it as a chance to meet new people. Well, being on a reality TV show and is probably the quickest way to do that! The sweet celeb sat down with OK! TV and explained her thoughts on the show, her method of Read More
Why 'The Gossip Game' Star Kim Osorio Laughs at Arguments
You don't usually expect a TV star to say that they feel like a spectator. Honestly, how could they when they are the ones being watched by everyone on a tiny digital screen? Well, when it comes to arguments The Gossip Game cast, Kim Osorio feels that way. She also lets out a giggle or two. Let's explain.  Read More
'The Gossip Game' Star Sharon Carpenter on Her Personal Style, the Hip-Hop Industry, a...
The Gossip Game is something that Sharon Carpenter knows very well. The celeb is actually a co-creator of the VH-1 hip-hop entertainment phenomenon! OK! TV caught up with Sharon and got the low-down on what she thinks about females working in the hip-hop industry and much more. Turns out, Sharon wasn’t always used to having Read More
JasFly from 'The Gossip Game' is a "Happenings-Monitor"
Micro-manager, perfectionist, detail-attentive. There are so many nicknames for the “control-loving” sides of our personalities. But JasFly from The Gossip Game gives herself an original and refers to herself as the “happenings-monitor.” OK! News: Vicki Gunvalson Says Her “Real Life is Not That Dysfunctional” In her line of work, it’s a good thing she is. JasFly Read More