The honeymoon period might be over for supermodel Adriana Lima and new husband Marko Jaric of the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team – marring the newlyweds’ bliss (they tied the knot about a month ago) is an accusation of sexual assault against Marko, brought by a Phildelphia woman, SI.com reports.


The woman alleges the incident occurred in February when the Grizzlies were in Philadelphia to play the 76ers. 


Marko’s rep tells TMZ:  "These accusations are 100 percent false and untrue. All high profile couples fall victim to these sort of things through the course of their relationship. Marko and Adriana are very much in love and happily married. The couple knows that there is absolutely no merit whatsoever to these crazy and unfounded allegations."


Marko’s lawyer has also released this statetment: "I received official word from the Philadelphia District Attorneys office that after a thorough investigation no charges will be filed against my client, Marko Jaric, in connection with the alleged incident with an unnamed female on February 11, 2009 while his team was in town to play the 76ers.

Persons in Marko’s position are often the target of malicious statements and it is not unusual for the police to be asked to investigate. However, these allegations were proved to be completely false, and while Marko is extremely unsettled by these accusations, he is happy that the law enforcement authorities have cleared him of any criminal conduct and the issue can now be put to rest."

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