Gwen Stefani and her family have found a way to balance mommyhood and her rockstar life. Gwen brought her 8-month old son Zuma with her to the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City on Saturday, where she played her first No Doubt concert for their summer reunion tour.


Meanwhile, hubby Gavin Rossdale was with their oldest son Kingston in New Jersey where he played at the Bamboozle music festival at the Meadowlands. Gavin brought a nanny on the tour bus to help out with Kingston while Gwen was gone.

Zuma was front row at Saturday’s concert with a nanny wearing big blue headphones, as Gwen joked that as soon as the music began to play, he went right to sleep!

No Doubt played songs from all of their past albums, and Gwen made a point to reflect on how her life’s changed since the band was last together. Before singing the song "Simple Kind Of Life" – a song about wanting kids and a family – Gwen said on stage, "This is the first time I’ve sang this one since the two babies came out of my belly."



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When she sang the lyrics, "I always thought I’d be a mom," she bowed on stage and smiled while the crowd clapped and and cheered, knowing that Gwen had accomplished everything she wrote about wanting years ago in the song.

After the concert, Gwen and her No Doubt bandmates celebrated by partying at club mur.mur in the casino where all four musicians got up on a platform to dance while Gwen sang along to Sublime’s "Santeria." Afterward, Gwen high-fived clubgoers and took pictures with fans who surrounded their table in the club.

Gwen and baby Zuma met up with Gavin and Kingston on Sunday in New Jersey, where Gwen played at Bamboozle with No Doubt.

Reporting by Laura Lane

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