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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

July 28
Today’s celeb birthdays
1965: Lori Loughlin (46)
1972: Elizabeth Berkley (39)
1990: Soulja Boy (21)

As long as you work within your limits, you should have a good day. A quiet word on the side tips you off about a job opportunity which could mean more cash in your wallet! Whatever you hear, best keep it under your hat for now. Call me to hear when to make that change.

Today may be busy, Aries, but don’t let anyone force you to work faster than is comfortable. With Venus moving into your holidays and leisure zone, you can start making early plans for an enjoyable weekend. Buying for the home and family is starred late afternoon. Call me to hear when to make a fresh start on that creative activity.

Your chart is loaded with opportunity. But it won’t feel like that around lunchtime when inconsiderate people block your path. A meeting, event or email late afternoon turns the tide. Home, children, love and leisure bring you greatest satisfaction now and over the next few weeks. Call me to hear when a domestic project gets off to a good start.

It’s a day for happy talk, Gemini, for good news and pleasant company. Venus brings out your irresistible charms and people can’t help but find you beguiling. The only downside is money. Try to put that concern aside and just enjoy what’s on offer. Call me to hear when to make that new approach.

Partnerships may have been weighing heavily on your mind recently, Cancer, but with today’s auspicious planetary changes, you can start looking on the brighter side of life. From today, Venus boosts your self-esteem and Mercury brings a burst of inspiration. About time, too! Call me to hear when to make that financial decision.

You’re happy being in the thick of the crowd but you’d be a good deal happier if it weren’t for a certain someone spiking your guns! However, your confidence is growing and you’ll want to go places today, meet up with people and enjoy some new experiences. Call me to hear when to act on a hunch.

There’s plenty of business to do. Come lunchtime, you’ll wish you could be in two places at once as unexpected problems either at work or at home need to be sorted quickly. But as Venus lights up your social scene late afternoon, life grows sweeter in the weeks ahead. Call me to hear when to make that new contact.

A late morning journey, call or PR exercise could turn into a fiasco. Have an alternative plan ready if you’re asked to sort out a business matter – especially if connected with overseas. Your affiliations change and, as a result, your work and social life are transformed. Call me to hear when to go for that new job.

Today kicks off a three-week period that will launch you into a new phase of creatively pleasurable activity. It’s especially auspicious if you’re setting off on holiday or away on a business trip. Work? Mercury’s bright new ideas put you right on top. Call me to hear when to take a fresh direction.

Relationships could prove tricky late morning. Don’t take others for granted or strain a partnership by being overly demanding. Financially, you’re moving into a luckier phase and faraway places are calling. Start thinking leisure, holidays and sun-soaked days. Call me to hear when to make that investment.

Challenges at work are grist to the mill for an Aquarian like you as duty calls around midday and you’re needed somewhere else. However, don’t try to over-reach. A lively evening awaits you at home and, whether single or attached, love is definitely growing. Call me to hear when to take a chance on romance.

Feeling lucky, Pisces? Someone, it seems, is exceptionally generous towards you. So wipe away whatever turmoil, trouble or tribulations you’ve experienced lately and breathe a sigh of relief as you approach the end of another working week. Creative pleasures and romantic moments await. Call me to hear when to turn over a new leaf.

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