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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

August 1
Today’s celeb birthdays
1964: Adam Duritz (47)
1965: Sam Mendes (46)
1973: Tempestt Bledsoe (38)
1979: Jason Momoa (32)

Is someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes, Leo, or perhaps blind you with science? It’s as well to keep your wits sharply honed today, especially when dealing with money. Your daily routine could do with a re-think. Little changes can make a big difference. Give it a go. Call me to hear when to avoid a family dispute.

Your finances could take a hit today, Aries, if you’re reckless or, more likely, if you let a certain someone twist your arm. Ask yourself what are you trying to prove? Late morning is best for getting stuck into work, starting a project or dealing with a health matter. Call me to hear when to avoid money running through your fingers like water.

Dream on, Taurus. Be aware that your wish list could prove costly or impractical. Are you taking on too much? Keep domestic affairs simple this afternoon, and remember good taste – less is more! Youngsters, visitors, love and travel come under good auspices now. Call me to hear when to avoid a domestic argument.

Happy thoughts and memories of family and pastimes fill your mind first thing. But being lost in reveries could waste valuable time and lose opportunities. So try to stay focused. With matters slowing down later this week, it’s essential you don’t put off what you should do today. Call me to hear when you must watch what you eat.

Keep your wits about you if traveling this morning, and watch that blind spot if you’re driving. Get arrangements, meetings, bookings and appointments made late morning. Money? Be sensible – fight that temptation to wild extravagance! Whispered words of love draw you closer to that special someone. Call me to hear when to avoid throwing good money after bad.

Wishful thinking, Virgo? Perhaps. But on the other hand, crazy ideas can often lead to ingenious solutions. And since you seem to have the bit between your teeth, it’s a good day to get organized and complete outstanding jobs. However, keep partners and colleagues informed! Call me to hear when you’re in danger of overtaxing your system.

You’re deep in thought, Libra, and happy to keep yourself to yourself today. Could be a break or a duvet day is in order. Time out will at least give you a chance to come up with new ideas and plan ahead. Keep your feet on the ground financially. Home is comforting this evening. Call me to hear how to avoid being the one who picks up the tab.

It’s a good day to reassess and reconnect, especially if you feel that some of your goals are falling short. Late morning is the best time to put through calls, make bookings or arrange meetings. At work, check what’s involved this afternoon before you say, yes. Call me to hear when you mustn’t break the rules.

Conflicting duties and obligations make for an uncomfortable start to your day but things improve once the morning gets underway. High level talks are best just before lunch. Have you taken on too much? It’s a full-on afternoon to get everything done. Financially, it works out. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t make that trip.

Travel? The stars warn that you could sleepwalk yourself into trouble first thing this morning. So staysharp, Capricorn! Key into the progressive trends just before lunchtime and cast your net wide if looking for solutions or fixing events. Looks like you’re in for an expensive afternoon! Call me to hear when a friend lets you down.

Money will only stretch so far. You know that, Aquarius, but your partner doesn’t and unless a sensible approach and agreement is reached, you could be in for a rocky afternoon! It’s worth spelling things out and taking a firm stand this morning before enthusiasm runs away with everyone. Call me to hear when you’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

Be realistic, Pisces, otherwise you could be heading for a disappointment. Work-wise, you may have taken on more than you can comfortably chew. Fortunately, people are on hand to help and give you support. A heart-to-heart this evening strengthens loving bonds. Call me to hear when to be extra cautious on the road.

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