Sons gathering around their moms on Mother’s Day is a common and much-loved family tradition.

Jade Goody, the British reality TV star whose imminent death from cancer has made headlines around the world, enjoyed such a moment after leaving the hospital and going home for her final days.

The boys, Freddy, 4, and Bobby, 5, were taken by their father, Jade’s ex-boyfriend Jeff Brazier, to bring flowers to their mom at home on March 14 as part of an early Mother’s Day party in the UK, a week earlier than the actual day.

When Freddy asked his mom why she looked so drowsy, Jade replied, “Because the angels are calling for Mommy.”
Jade, under heavy sedation to handle the pain, struggled to stay awake during her sons’ visit.

Jade’s publicist, Max Clifford, said, “She was aware of them for a brief moment or two. She saw them and she smiled. She has put her house in order and faced up to everything in an incredibly brave way.”

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Jade, 27, had discharged herself from the London hospital a few days before so she could be more comfortable for her final moments.

The former dental nurse was brought home from the Royal Marsden Hospital dressed in pajamas, wrapped in blankets and accompanied by two nurses.

Her husband, Jack Tweed, 21, was by her side for the journey. Clifford said, “It means so much to her to be close to the boys. Home is where she wants to be.”

While at home, Jade, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August, has been planning her funeral. It will be held at the church of St. John the Baptist, Buckhurst Hill near her home in Essex and will be broadcast on jumbo TV screens outside the church.

“The funeral will be a celebration of Jade’s life, a reflection of how she’s lived the last seven years,” added Clifford.

“She wants to spend as much time as she can with Jack and the boys,” Clifford explained. “If they can train the local nurses, they will keep her pain free by topping up the epidural.”

He added that Jade, whose cancer has spread to her liver, groin and bowel, wanted to be “at home surrounded by love — and having as many kisses and cuddles from the boys as she can get before she goes.”

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