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Natasha Bedingfield On Justin Timberlake, Diva Demands

Natasha Bedingfield enjoyed life on the road with Justin Timberlake.

“It was amazing,” she says. “He is so dedicated with fans. His whole gig is like a party. It’s like a big party. He had a tequila shot before he went on and it was crazy. I enjoyed meeting all those people. He’s actually much nicer than you’d think because he’s got such a star thing about him. When you meet him offstage, he’s really down-to-earth and friendly.”

Did she get to hang out with he and his girlfriend?

“They didn’t go out partying that much. His gig was like a party. But I really did like Jessica Biel as well. She was kind of cool.”

What’s something Natasha has to have on the road?

“The only thing I’m diva-ish about is having a gym in my hotel and getting enough sleep,” she says. “Eight hours of sleep I need to get; otherwise I turn into a monster.”

Natasha’s sophomore album is due in 2008.