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OK!'s NYC Fashion Week Blog: Rag & Bone

OK! has all of the scoop from NYC’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Yesterday, we checked out the Rag & Bone runway show, displaying new styles with a unique and detailed palette for fall.

SHOW: Rag & Bone

WHEN: February 11, 2011

WHO: Alexa Chung, Jennifer Carpenter, Erin Watson, Anna Wintour and Nina Garcia.


FASHION: Asymmetrical designs with lines of embroidered detail and patches. A template of white, taupe, black, grey and splashes of burgundy, orange and royal blue. Staples include thigh-high boots, plaid pleated kilt skirts, red and green plaid pants, fur trimmed leather jackets, ponchos, high embroidered stockings, leather jackets trimmed in fur, navy and red pin striped suit and skirt and a letterman jacket.

BEAUTY: Braided loose pigtails, side braids and braided headbands by Guido Palau. Makeup was dark maroon smoky eyes with nude lips by Gucci Westman Neville.


COLOR/OVERHEARD: Vogue’s Anna Wintour showed up without sunglasses in the dark room and took her seat, but quickly slipped on some shades after one too many photog flashes. Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter tells OK! before Rag & Bone starts, “?I’m really excited to see the show and I’m really nervous I’m going to want to buy everything in it though!?” Alexa Chung was equally excited for the show and told OK! who her style icon was ? rocker dudes! ?”Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Graham Coxon from Blur,?” she says. Why? “?They know how to put an outfit together. They know how to drink a drink. And they know how to play guitar. And they know how to stay up all night.?” We can’t argue with that. The show was held at a Soho gallery space with a set up that made everyone feel like a VIP. Instead of stadium seating, the seats were set up back to back in double lines so at worst you were seated in the second row. We love equality.

Reporting By: Laura Lane


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