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Sherri Shepherd Obsessed With The Biebs

Sherri Shepherd may be committed to marry another man in Chicago this August, but she has a thing for Justin Bieber.

“His new haircut is fabulous,” she tells me at the Bailey House auction held in NYC. “He’s 17 years old. He looks like a young man. I’m loving it, although it’s creepy because me and my niece really like it, and that’s really creepy. But she’s 11.”

Perhaps her Bieber love is keeping her from moving forward with wedding planning?

To prepare for the big day, she says she’s doing “nothing.”

“I’m trying to eat healthier,” she says. “I’m going to the gym. But I haven’t done anything. I’m still nervous about that.”

Still, she’s abuzz with excitement when it comes to her bachelorette party.

“We’re going to Chippendales in Vegas,” she says. “I didn’t think of asking Barbara [Walters], but I guess I should. [cackles] Oh my goodness.”

Sherri definitely appreciates the importance of laughter, and wishes Live co-host Kelly Ripa nothing but a funnyman now that it’s time to find a replacement for Regis Philbin.

Wayne Brady should take Regis’ place,” she tells me. “I think they should add color to Regis and Kelly. He’s a black comic and he’s extremely funny. He’s good with improv.”

Bailey House is a non-profit organization that helps New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.