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Shopping for a Mover...


I generally write about shopping Tuesdays, Inspiration Wednesdays and mix it up Thursdays, but as the packing involved in moving has thrown me off a few days, today (Wednesday for me but probably Thursday by the time you read this) I’ll do shopping today and tomorrow I’ll write about how I was inspired Tuesday.. Now that you’re likely sufficiently confused…Since I’m moving from NYC to LA in less than nine days what I was searching to spend money on most recently was a moving company. I tried to be responsible and called a couple of companies to get quotes before making a decision – like going with ‘Schleppers’ just because I liked their name. I googled ‘moving companies’ and found The following day I thought the site was amazing. You fill out a form letter where you provide a brief description of what you have, where you’re going to and coming from and the information is sent to a bunch of licensed and reputable moving companies (they claim) who will then get back to you with quotes.


By the time I woke up the next morning both my inbox and voice mail were flooded will calls and quotes from nearly a dozen moving companies. For those who like to know all the options before making a decision and/or for those who think movers are a personal choice and want to chat with the people for a bit, calling them all back is like speed dating. I spoke to four before I was convinced by Eric at Royal Moving. They got me because they offered to deliver boxes to my apartment a week prior to pick-up date so that I could pack without ever schlepping a box myself. They even threw in 20 boxes for free. It’s the little things.


The only downside is now I wake up to phone calls from movers daily and email reminders that they’d sent me a quote. I should call them all back and tell them I’ve found someone, but I’m too busy packing…And hoping Eric was the right choice.