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Susie Castillo Shares 7 Tips From Miss USA Reign

After Susie Castillo won Miss USA in 2003, she became a popular host of MTV’s TRL, married Matt Leslie and released the book Confidence is Queen: The Four Keys To Ultimate Beauty Through Positive Thinking.

She returned to her former stomping grounds, the Miss USA Pageant, this week to serve as a commentator alongside Kelly Osbourne.

The 31-year-old star opens up with seven tips learned from pageant life.

“One thing that I do for my body and skin especially is I juice every morning,” she tells me this week during the Miss USA Pageant held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. “I do a juice. I have a juicer, and I do romaine, kale, carrots, lemon and ginger. It detoxifies your body, and good, clean skin comes from within, so you have to take care of your body on the inside, and your skin replicates whatever’s happening on the inside. When people have a ton of acne, it’s usually a problem inside – internally. I also drink lots of water.”

“A huge challenge for me growing up was the fact that I didn’t have a dad,” she explains. “He came in and out of my life, and it was like having a breakup with somebody over and over and over again, and having your heart broken by your father was really difficult.”

She continues, “It actually wasn’t until I was crowned Miss USA that I truly realized, like, wow – I looked at my mom after I was wearing the crown and my sash, and just won the pageant, and I was like ‘you know what? I’m not going to allow this person to continue to affect me in such a negative way, even though it’s my father, because my mother raised me, look at what I’ve accomplished and look what she’s accomplished.’ I was so proud of my mom at that moment, for raising three girls on her own. I came to peace with my dad abandoning my family and not being around, so it was a moment of growth for me when I was crowned Miss USA for that reason.”

“All these things I talk about in my book, and I give tips on beauty, I talk about spirituality and how that’s the foundation to live a happy, successful life in everything, whether it be professionally or with your relationship. I’ve been with my husband for ten years, and married for five years. I feel like I have a good head on my shoulders. [laughs] My mom raised me right.”

SPEAK UP WHEN NECESSARY. (She claimed she was molested by a TSA agent after a security patdown at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in April.)
“I’m continuing to speak out on the violations, because it is a direct violation of Fourth Amendment rights, and our privacy rights. It’s awful. It was such a terrible experience. They’re doing it to kids and grandmas! I just got back from D.C., where the Epic Organization had their Dinner of Champions, and Ralph Nader awarded me the Citizen Activist Award, which is really great, for speaking out on the issue.”

“I’m not close to her [former TRL co-host Vanessa Minnillo] at all, but I wish her so much luck. We have a professional relationship.”

“When you’re showing too much cleavage, don’t show too much leg. And vice versa. If your legs are covered, then have all the cleavage you want. I feel like there’s a fine line. If you’re showing too much cleavage and too much leg, usually the dress is tiny, and you cross the line of being slutty, so I think that’s the way to keep it classy.”

“When people wear two shades of black. Agghhhh! I don’t know why! Sometimes if the pant doesn’t match the suit – I don’t like shades of black together.  Sometimes, even if somebody has black jeans on and a cool, black shirt or blazer, for a casual look, with the sleeves rolled up, I don’t like the two shades of black. I just think – wear blue jeans!”

“I’m a Neutrogena spokesperson, so my favorite from all of their lines is the Acne Stress Control wash. It’s got green tea in it – it smells delicious. It’s amazing. And it’s nondrying, which is great.”

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for more about Miss USA. The cover line is “Kim’s $10 Million Wedding.” And, check out her book, Confidence is Queen: The Four Keys To Ultimate Beauty Through Positive Thinking. Susie and I have something in common: We were both involved with Miss USA! Of course, she was Miss USA 2003 and a commentator, and I was a preliminary judge. 😉 Fun times.