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Wendy Williams Gives Sex Talk to Young Son

Wendy Williams stays young thanks to a “plethora of questions” her nine-year-old son Kevin asks.   

“He’s going into fifth grade, so he asks questions about sex and he asks questions about tattoos,” the married mom, 46, tells me during the Dora The Explorer Beyond the Backpack event. “He wants to get a mohawk to round out the summer. He doesn’t ask questions about fashion – we don’t really have that yet, because he wears a uniform. But yeah, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.”

Hmm, how does the talk-show host explain the birds and the bees?

“Straight on, effortlessly, with no problem. We’re a hands-on family. Being that he’s only nine, about to be ten, and going into fifth grade, we don’t give him more than he needs to know about sex or racism, but we tell him what is appropriate for the questions that he’s asking. We don’t operate with ‘shut your mouth – we’ll talk about that when you get older.’ No! If he’s asking now, apparently it needs to be addressed. We work with him to bring him into young manhood, and then manhood.”

She expects him to get a tattoo – one day.

“He’s not allowed to get a tattoo now, but I’m sure that he will probably get a tattoo at some point in his freshmen year in college.”