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What's in Your Stars?

May 18
Today’s celeb birthdays
1955: Cow Yun-Fat (56)
1970: Tina Fey (41)
1975: Jack Johnson (36)

You’re one of the most practical people in the world and what you do today will prove just that. With chatty Mercury now in your sign, you have confidence and chutzpah enough to charm the birds from the trees. If you’ve been waiting to put your ideas across, here’s your chance. Call me to hear when to sign that agreement.

Shop, place orders, talk money today, Aries. You’re financially savvy right now and intent on improving your income. It’s a favorable day for talking through an idea with a partner and dealing with legal matters. If you’re arranging travel, book today. Putting off until tomorrow is a mistake. Call me to hear when your insights impress the boss.

You may be out from under the spotlight, Gemini, but you’re getting more done now while you’re working behind the scenes than you would do if at the sharp end. Commitment? If you give your word today, it’s forever. Time now to take your relationship to the next stage. Call me to hear when your expertise comes up trumps.

Perhaps you have a lot to fit into your schedule today. Or perhaps you simply have a big decision to make. The only thing is to do is focus your energy, concentrate your mind, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Socially, your world is buzzing. Call me to hear when love is just perfectly profound.

Looks like you’re centre stage again, Leo. People are seeking out your wisdom and experience and with intellectual Mercury sharpening your wit, you won’t let them down. Jobs to do? It’s surprising how practical you can be once you set your mind to it. Call me to hear when you make an important discovery.

If you’re about to shell out money on the family or make a serious investment in your home, you’ve picked a good day. Whatever you commit to today will give you good use and lasting value. Get paperwork, official matters and correspondence out of the way now. Call me to hear when an honest chat puts things right.

With the stars in favorable aspect, this is as good a time as any to discuss important issues, especially relating to personal assets or joint finances. Putting your cards on the table, sorting out financial affairs and getting people to see things your way comes easily today. Call me to hear when to take that important financial decision.

Today’s stars put a sparkle into relationships. It’s a good day to set your house in order, to reach an understanding between you and your partner, and to make plans. When it comes to money, you have a lot of experience to draw on. Listen to your instincts and you won’t go wrong. Call me to hear when you can successfully clear the air.

It’s a busy day and it’s all hands on deck. Mind you, you can count on support if you need it. The old wisdom is the best wisdom and today it comes from a trusted friend, a long-standing colleague or experienced professional. All you need to do is put in that call. Call me to hear when to push your visionary idea.

Your energies are not at their peak and you may want to keep your head down and away from all the hubbub. Take your time, plod along, do things at your own pace. Feedback you receive today is interesting, positive and personally well deserved. Get out and enjoy yourself tonight. Call me to hear when a goal is in sight.

You’ve had to share your time out between work and home and it’s good now to turn your attention back to your family life which is giving you so much pleasure these days. Love? One person in particular seems to be growing more affectionate. Delightful! Call me to hear when your intuition is spot-on.

Whether it concerns your car, a letter you’ve received or a financial matter, don’t settle for advice from a friend, go straight to the top. But if you’re dealing with bosses, officials or other authority figures, getting the details right will now earn you valuable credibility and respect. Call me to hear when a legal matter goes your way.

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