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What's in Your Stars?

May 19
Today’s celeb birthdays
1941: Nora Ephron (70)
1945: Pete Townshend (66)
1952: Grace Jones (59)
1982: Rebecca Hall (29)

Faraway interests and connections make for a lively day. Get all long distance correspondence sorted by mid afternoon. Do you need to polish up your skills or chase up qualifications? Education, training courses, classes and exams run through your mind. Book travel before 3pm. Call me to hear when your insights impress the boss.

There’s a cheerful note to your day. Finances are promising with private projects or extra work making a big difference. If you have business or investments in mind, the sooner you clinch the deal today, the better. Avoid money transactions after 3pm. Socialize this evening. Call me to hear when to sign that agreement.

What a lot of people you’re having to deal with today, Gemini! True, you’re enjoying the variety and it’s certainly stimulating juggling all the contacts. But if you’re arranging dates for your diary, get everything agreed before mid-afternoon. Promises made later today won’t be kept. Call me to hear when your expertise comes up trumps.

Employment affairs are favorably highlighted today and your efforts win you praise. A boss wants a meeting, a job needs confirmation, a distant matter has to be sorted. Get all important or official jobs done and dusted before 3 o’clock, then you can relax. Call me to hear when love is just perfectly profound.

Events put a positive, feel-good and fortunate spin on your day. Creative projects, children’s affairs and matters at a distance are pleasing. Think long-term and make big plans. Morning activities attract better luck than later in the day. Dealings after 3.15 are pleasant but unproductive. Call me to hear when you make an important discovery.

It’s a good news day for property and money. Business plans involving your home, family or environment come together nicely. But ensure that all business transactions, purchases, placement of orders or deals are agreed by mid afternoon. Otherwise, hold off until tomorrow. Call me to hear when an honest chat puts things right.

Your day may be chock-a-block with meetings, emails, enquiries and calls. You may also have more errands to run, visits to make and places to go. But with people accommodating, willing and in tune, you should get satisfying results. Love? Plan for the future and reminisce the past. Call me to hear when to take that important financial decision.

Have you picked up extra earnings or been promised more lucrative work? Looks like you’re feeling flush and in a generous, spend-thrift mood. But if you are thinking of spending money, finish off your shopping by mid-afternoon. An evening spent with friends or loved ones is pleasant. Call me to hear when you can successfully clear the air.

Pull out all the creative stops today, Sagittarius. Give your imagination free rein and progress interesting projects. It’s the right sort of day to take things a little easier and to open your heart to romance. Children make you proud and give you a reason to celebrate. Call me to hear when to push your visionary idea.

It may seem a long time coming, Capricorn, but it’s all happening behind the scenes. Events today make you quietly confident that a long-awaited goal is within your reach. Progress family, home and property plans early in the day. Stay alert to potential confusion late afternoon. Call me to hear when a goal is in sight.

Big dreams, high hopes, lots of talk? It’s the kind of day when your schedule is filled to the max, when meetings are back-to-back and when you need to be in three places at once. But news and events are uplifting. Act on information before mid afternoon. Don’t spend after 3pm! Call me to hear when your intuition is spot-on.

It’s a day when being so imaginative and creative comes into its own. Sharing your ideas will not only make you feel good today but will earn you approval. It’s a day to put a high value on yourself and on what you do. This evening, relax with friends. Call me to hear when a legal matter goes your way.

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