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John Mayer Is Tweeting Again!

Breaking up with your Twitter account is difficult—the 140 character relationship is meaningful, you see! Even John Mayer appreciates what a little tweet can do for you and me. That’s right. You’ll now find a little blue check mark next to John’s name when you search for in on Twitter. He has rejoined the social media site—so click follow, stat!

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On January 31st, the celeb tweeted “I’m back. What’d I miss?”—making that his first tweet since he reportedly quit back in 2010. It would be hard to recap all that’s happened since then, but perhaps he noticed that Twitter changed its web design scheme? He also gave his girlfriend Katy Perry a shout out with a Follow Friday request: “Also #FF @katyperry.” Don’t worry, John. We already follow her. A ton of people do.

Is John Mayer Preparing a Proposal to Katy Perry? 

Will you proclaim your love for JM and follow him on Twitter? Everybody deserves a welcome home party! Right now, he’s at 364K. Tweet @OKMagazine and leave a comment below.