Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Ashanti may add children to her family through adoption or fostering.

“I’m really interested in family and starting a family way, way, way down the line, but I love kids so much, so maybe,” she tells me.

The singer-actress, 28, felt her heartstrings pulled Monday when she played Santa Claus to ten foster children from the Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families at Planet Hollywood in NYC. She gifted them with Pleo dinosaurs, and spent time joking around and getting to know the kids, who wear Planet Hollywood t-shirts.

“The kids are so innocent, and they deserve so much better,” she tells me. “It’s really unfortunate to not have a parent – sometimes they lose them to death, or maybe drugs or maybe something negative. I think it’s amazing that these parents come along and take these kids in, again, because they’re the victims, they’re the innocent ones. It’s important to keep the morale up and to give them a place to live, a healthy environment, and to teach them just to be a person.”

Nelly’s girlfriend looks up to Brangelina for bringing attention to needy kids.

Brad and Angelina are the king and queen of giving back and taking kids in,” she tells me. “I definitely applaud and commend them for all that they do.”

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