While yesterday’s ruling by Court Commissioner Scott Gordon appeared to give Britney Spears limited visitation rights to her two infant sons, it became clear this afternoon just how limited her visits will be.

In the documents accompanying Gordon’s ruling, it states that "all visitation with [Spears] shall be in the presence of a monitor," and that the mommy-sitter has the right to "terminate visitation immediately if any conduct or action endangers the children."


Additionally, Gordon said that Britney must comply with his standing orders to undergo counseling and twice-weekly drug testing — and that, in the eyes of the court, missing a test is the same as failing one.

Double ouch.

And while many hope that Britney will get her act together and regain custody of sons Sean Preston, 2, and 1-year-old Jayden James from their pop Kevin Federline, some insiders say she doesn’t appear to care either way.

"She hasn’t obeyed a single order from the judge," a source close to Britney tells OK!. "It’s almost as if she wants to hand them off to Kevin. She certainly seems to smile more when she’s not with the boys."

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