Though rumors of a breakup continue to swirl about reality TV mega-breeders Jon and Kate Gosselin, the family was still able to celebrate Father’s Day — just without mom being anywhere in sight.

Sitting on the front lawn of the family’s home in Reading, PA, a subdued-looking Jon played with his eight children on Sunday. In addition to splashing around in the Slip ‘n Slide, the family took a few trips around the Gosselin home on their ATV. And while he finds himself in the center of a media storm surrounding his marriage, Jon still managed to greet some fans and sign a handful of autographs.


The Gosselins had a bit of a scare on Saturday when son Aaden was taken to the hospital after he had received a cut on the top of his head. But nothing to worry about, the tot was quickly treated and released and was back out playing with his dad and siblings the next day.

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