Since Lisa Loeb wed Late Night With Conan O’Brien music coordinator Roey Hershkovitz on January 31, babies have been on the brain.

“I would love to have children,” the Stay singer, 40, tells me during a Kidscreen Summit event held at Little Airplane Productions in NYC. “That’s the next big project.”

She adds, “I had a great childhood growing up, and everybody says it’s an amazing experience to have your own kids whether you adopt them or have them yourself. I’m looking forward to going back through all of school and doing my homework with them. [laughs] Learning all the things that I left out through their eyes.”

How did she know Roey, 30, was The One?

“He seemed like he was,” Lisa says. “I love hanging out with him, and he’s a great person. I just knew. It felt like ‘this is it.’ It just was a natural thing. That’s what people say – you just know. We just knew.”

What was the best moment from their wedding day?

“Probably when my husband and I first saw each other when we were dressed in our wedding garb. We were like ‘oh my gosh, this is actually happening.’”

One thing that will have to wait is their honeymoon.

“We’re going to go on a honeymoon in the future. We had to go back to work. We’ll be going on a honeymoon in the spring that has to do with cooking and traveling. We’re looking at a lot of different countries, and we’re looking at the United States of America.”

What excites her most about spending the rest of her life with this man?

“It’s like a slumber party!” she tells me. “The rest of my life is going to be like a slumber party – talking and chatting and cooking – and also some things you might not do at a slumber party with your girlfriends. He’s a really good person that I want to get to know more and more. It’s really fun, and we like to hang out.

Lisa hasn’t always been lucky. She dated Dweezil Zappa from 1998-2004, and went looking for love on E! reality show #1 Single in 2006.

What’s the biggest lesson in love she’s learned?

“Somebody once told me that you should treat your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your spouse at least as good as you would treat your friend – your best friend. I think that’s a really important piece of advice.”

Look for her album, Camp Lisa, out now, and her glasses line, which will be out this spring.

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