Amid a sea of talented celebrities, Brooke Burke has become the favorite to win this season of Dancing With The Stars.


The former model, who hosted TV’s Rock Star and the travel show Wild On!, has been waltzing away with top scores on the hit ABC show with dance partner Derek Hough.

And she’s doing it all whiile being a mom to four kids: daughters Neriah, 8, and Sierra, 6, from her marriage to Dr. Garth Fisher, and daughter Rain, 19 months ,and son Shaya, 7 months, with her actor fiancé David Charvet.

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! caught up with Brooke, 37, as she modeled fabulous ’40s fashions at Hollywood’s Green Door.


What’s it like competing on DWTS?


It’s scary. We’re pushing our bodies to the limit. I had no idea what I was getting into. I’ve never felt this sore! I’ve been getting massages and taking a lot of Epsom salt baths.


Did you expect to do this well?


No. Derek and are a great team. Fortunately, we’re able to communicate our feelings, which has made us stronger.


We’ve been doing well in the competition, but when the judges say I was born to dance and it looks so natural — none of this is coming naturally! I have a really hard time remembering the choreography, and it gets frustraing for Derek.


What do you do to keep fit?


I do Pilates and I walk. I try to eat five small, smart meals a day: sushi, salads, vegetables, clear soups. I have no idea what I weigh. I don’t even own a scale.


What’s it like being a mom of four?


It’s a little bit chaotic at times, but it’s about balancing that chaos and setting priorities.


Did you know your fiancé, David, was the one when you met him?


I knew the moment that I saw him, yeah, but it took us years to figure it out. We met in Mexico at a charity event and we had a love affair 15 years ago — it was very romantic!


How did you get engaged?


He threw a surprise engagement party when I was pregnant with Rain. He popped the question before the guests arrived. It was very sweet. There were white roses everywhere, and everybody came dressed in white.


Why haven’t you married yet?


We haven’t had a chance. We had two kids and built a house. But we’re so married. Everybody calls him my husband, and I never correct them.


Why do you and David click as a couple?


We know everything about each other and we want the same thing out of life. It’s a very safe, trusting relationship.


Will you have more kids together?


I feel like my family is completem and they all need so much right now. I’ve had great pregnancies, and healthy, beautiful children. It would almost feel greedy to keep going, but I never say never. David would say yes, there’s more to come!

CLICK HERE for OK!’s Exclusive Photoshoot with Brooke!

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