July 7, 2007 will be a special date forever in the mind of Eva Longoria, not only because it’s the day she married San Antonio Spurs basketball star Tony Parker in a fairy-tale Parisian wedding, but also because she just had the date tattooed on her wrist!

Adding to her growing list of body ink, the 32-year-old Desperate Housewives star was photographed Thursday sporting a new tattoo on her right wrist that, upon close inspection reads “VII VII MMVII,” which is her wedding date written out in Roman numerals.

This isn’t the first tattoo for Eva, who sports four other pieces of body art, including a star on her left wrist and hubby Tony Parker’s initials, inscribed in an intimate place where the public is likely to never see them. “I’m not telling where it is,” Eva said after getting that particular tattoo. “But let’s just say he gets to see it on a very regular basis!”

Scroll down for a larger version of Eva’s newest piece of body ink.
Actress EVA LONGORIA Showing Off Her New Tattoo (USA ONLY)

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