Adam Lambert courted controversy with his lascivious performance on the American Music Awards, but in high school, “sexy” was the last adjective he would’ve expected to describe him. 

“I lost probably about forty pounds about ten years ago,” the American Idol runner-up, 27, tells me. “When I was in high school, I had bad eating habits. I ate a bunch of crap – a bunch of fast food and stuff. I learned more about what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. I used a little bit of self-control.”

How did he feel after he dropped the poundage?

“Oh, a hundred times better. Physically I felt better, but I also had better self-esteem and body image.”

Despite feeling elated that he lost his fuller figure, Adam isn’t motivated to incorporate workouts into his daily routine.

“I wish,” he says. “I wish I had that much discipline.”

Here’s a pic of Adam and I:


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