Ever wonder what it would be like to get the "star" treatment. In an article posted today on the Wall Street Journal‘s Web site, they examine just how and why certain celebs get treated so differently than the rest of us.

The article cites that many airlines have special rooms, some hidden behind unmarked doors adjacent to gates and some private lounges inside airport clubs just for your favorite Hollywood A-listers. Airport officials say they will do anything, as long as it’s legal to sneak movie stars in and out of airports. Recently, this has been done with Angelina Jolie.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s all special meals and special services. Some celebs like Jen Aniston and Victoria Beckham still have to face the rigors that many of us do when traveling. Recently at LAX, Posh was sent to the back of the immigration line while 200 photographers stood and took Mrs. Becks picture.

Also, Jen Aniston was surronded by a huge swarm of paparazzi at an airport. Airport security had to step in and made sure the actress wasn’t hurt. It may not be the problems you or I face at the airport, but it’s hardly traveling under the radar.

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