New mom Ana Ortiz is doing her best to bring attention to the United Nation Foundations NothingButNets campaign, which is dedicated to providing mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria Africa. And since having her baby, the Ugly Betty actress says helping others has become even more of a priority.

“It’s changed my outlook on everything,” she told OK! at the Nothing But Nets event at the U.N. in NYC on Thursday. “They’re so vulnerable, these children and especially out there [in Africa]. Any publicity that we can bring to it is wonderful.”

Ana explains that having her own little one to care for has expanded her horizons, literally.

“The world seems much larger to me now. That seems weird, because you would think it would become more intimate,” she says. “But there’s that thing, ‘think globally, act locally,’ and I think this something that’s so easy for everyone to do.”

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